Why do they call Kent the garden of England?

Is Kent called the Garden of England? The English county of Kent, one of England’s ‘home counties’ (as the counties that surround London are referred to) and is best known as The Garden of England, and with good reason. Why is Kent no longer the garden of England? The proud title of Garden of England … Read more

What is the oldest botanical garden in the UK?

What is the oldest garden in England? College Garden at Westminster Abbey It is believed that the garden at Westminster has been in a constant state of cultivation for more than 900 years, which makes it the oldest surviving garden in England. Where the British first established the botanical garden? In England, the Chelsea Physic … Read more

What is the oldest botanical garden in the world?

Which country has the oldest botanical garden? The Botanical Garden (Orto Botanico) of Padua University, Italy, is regarded as the oldest university Horto Medicinale in the world to still be in its original setting. The garden was founded by the Republic of Venice in 1545 to fulfill an urgent request by the medical school of … Read more

Where does urban farming occur?

Where is urban farming most popular? New York City, USA NYC has been a longtime advocate for urban farming. Given the steep cost of land and lack of space, one would think the city to have few farms. In fact, NYC has over 550 community gardens on city property, over 745 school gardens, and over … Read more

Are urban farms expensive?

How much is urban agriculture? Urban farming has grown by more than 30 percent in the United States in the past 30 years. Although it has been estimated that urban agriculture can meet , it remains to be seen what level of food self-sufficiency it can realistically ensure for cities. What are some challenges of … Read more

What is rural farmer?

What does rural farmer mean? 1. Those involve in farming and carrying out other related farming activities in the villages. They may cultivate food crops, mono crop, rear livestocks, engage in finishing and hunting among others, but they depend on seasonal and natural conditions to carry on their farming activities. What is rural area? A … Read more

What is the role of an urban farmer?

What do urban farmers do? Simply put urban farming focuses more in selling produce, produce grown as sold as opposed to being grown for personal consumption or sharing. Urban farming can support the well-being of individuals and communities in many ways. What is considered urban farming? “Urban agriculture generally refers to the cultivation, processing and … Read more

How much of a role do gardens play in urban ecosystems?

How do urban gardens help the environment? Community gardens can help reduce negative environmental impacts by promoting sustainable agriculture; reducing food transportation costs and reducing water runoff. Humans, plants and animals can all benefit from urban agriculture since it creates habitats and improves the ecology of the area. Why is urban gardening so important to … Read more

How can I Make my Garden more sustainable?

What do sustainable gardens involve? Sustainable Gardening means gardening in a smart and eco-friendly way. It’s all about giving back to mother nature by using organic growing methods so you use fewer chemicals and adopt greener alternatives when you’re gardening. Food produced in a sustainable garden is rich in terms of both nutrients and taste! … Read more